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How To Become An Efficient Event Designer

Have you ever been to a wedding or even a corporate event where you were wowed by the detail put into the decor? There is a very good chance an event designer was behind it all. Event designers perform various functions that help companies achieve their branding and business goals.


Event Designers are artists, idea-maker and aesthetic visionary behind an event. They work with the client on everything from 

  • Selecting materials and Linen
  • Organizing color palette
  • Choosing floor plan, furniture and other rentals.
  • Ordering the floral designs
  • Developing branding agents for the event.

Event Designers are often found around catering companies, wedding designers, event entertainment companies, and firms that handle corporate events. Sometimes when you hear the term event/wedding stylist – this can refer to a designer who does not offer production. Event designers have eyes for creativity using space.

They do not always assist the client in choosing other creative partners (vendors) unrelated to design or aesthetics.  They also do not manage the logistics or flow of the event.


There are different styles, different ideas, different clients, different visions, different strengths, different ideal budgets and also different locations.

Every event design revolves around creativity. Creativity is a muscle. If they are not used frequently, they are weak. Your creativity muscle needs exercise. The more you use your creativity muscle, the stronger it gets. It needs perspiration, discipline, hard work and exposure to things that inspire you.

If you start working on your creativity muscle, you can become proficient (even greater) at designing. You may not be able to do what well-known event designers do for now, but with proper exercise on your creativity musce you can become good at recommending color palettes, creating great inspirational boards,   knowing when certain details just won’t look right with the rest of the wedding or event.

Working on your Creativity to become a proficient Event Designer? Here are some points you can consider

  • Create a table Display for Holidays
  • Start noticing the weather and your environment
  • Notice creative details at restaurants, Shopping malls, Events decors, and Networking Events.

The most efficient thing to remember about event design is that there is no right or wrong. Your style and ideas will work for certain clients but not for others. This is true for anyone who designs – event designers, interior designers, party stylists and fashion designers.

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