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Event Marketing And Promotions – What You Need To Know!

Event Marketing And Promotions in Nigeria! Every successful event has a marketing and promotion plan to spread the word and drum up excitement, but where do you start? Here are some steps to follow while Marketing and Promoting your Event. 

Event Marketing
  • Social Media and Blogging 
  • Online Advertisement 
  • Billboards 


Planning the logistics of an event can seem like a daunting task but thanks to social media, event promotion doesn’t need to cost a fortune. There are a lot of ways to promote events through social media. Here are some popular ones we use in Nigeria. Your events geared toward young professionals? 

  • Instagram Ads may be a tactic you use. 
  • Creating Event Hashtags 
  • Design a geofilter to use on Snapchat
  • Use of event publicity companies such as Trendmyevent: an event promotion and publicity platform. At Trendmyevent we make your events our priority and help you broadcast the specific details of your event to potential attendees. Organizing an event is not an easy task, let us help you do the work. Follow @trendmyevent (link) to help you double your attendees.

 They’re the basic picks for you to help navigate your marketing  tactics and will help you achieve your desired event goals.


    Where you spend your advertising budget should be dictated by your targeted audience. Who are they? Why would they likely attend your event? What type of event are you organising?  If it’s a musical event you should be placing your advertisement on music sharing apps such as Boomplay etc. Gearing your event exclusively toward a local audience, geo-targeted ads are something to think about. 

 Don’t just spend money on  making advertisements work for you. With the information you’ve gathered on your targeted audience you’ll be able to reach the exact attendees you want. 


Usage of billboards and handbills as a means of marketing and Promoting of events has turned out super – effective over the years.

Why is it so effective? Because it presents a compelling message that drives people to action.  

Handbills such as flyer provide a great platform to promote special events and reach your audience in many ways including:

  • Street Distribution
  • In-store Distribution
  • Newspaper Insert

Whatever you do choose, each tactic should be a strategic element of your marketing plans. 

Your marketing tactics are what you will use to achieve your goals.

In deciding which tactics to use, you need to have an understanding of your targeted audiences. 

Event Marketing And Promotions

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